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Biting into authenticity – delicious!

A well-meaning advisor asked my client: “why did you give up on your dream?” Later she told me: “I couldn’t tell him this, but it isn’t my dream.”

Why would it be hard to admit that? Well, she has two medical degrees, has spent a large part of her life and a whole lot of money working towards what everyone would imagine her ‘dream’ – a private practice in which she plied her skills to help people overcome their health challenges. It’s not an easy thing for her to admit that all the time, energy and effort already spent just doesn’t make her heart sing.

Together she and I have been delving into her deep inspirations. Her true values. Her real strengths.  And it is much more delicious and delightful than the so-called ‘dream’! It involves languages, and food and travel and things I am not at liberty to say right now. I can’t wait til the day I can rave about what she’s doing! I am so excited for her and thrilled that I get to participate in her discovering – and owning – her genius! What she is creating will benefit so many, many people. It is unique. It is accessible. And, most important, it is truly authentic to her. There is unstoppable power and irresistable magnetism in that. Her wings are spreading along with her vision. That makes my heart soar. Pinch me!


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