What Clients Say

My favorite testimonial! This shows so clearly what I LOVE to do – help people break out of the boxes that are affecting their health, relationships and overall sense of well-being!

Here are some other perspectives from clients and workshop participants:

“For me, meeting with Jolina was an invaluable, life changing experience. Right away, Jolina’s warm, empathetic, and relaxed demeanor made me feel comfortable and supported. Moreover, her insightful questions challenged me to look deeper into my experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Working with Jolina is the perfect blend of contemplating life’s deep, big-picture questions and learning practical skills that are easily incorporated in every day life. She taught me a multitude of skills, including how to handle strong emotions, how to make difficult decisions, how to develop more meaningful relationships, how to live in line with my core values, and how to appreciate myself while continuing to grow as a person. I will forever be grateful to Jolina for changing how I view the world and helping me to become a more confident, grounded, and independent person.”

Ms O

Before working with Jolina, I had a lot of relationship and self-worth issues. I hadn’t ever experienced a fulfilling, deeply loving relationship and also had not dealt with my emotional baggage  left from my marriage breakdown and I always felt less than  in the company of what I perceived as ‘successful people’. So my self esteem was really low. This of course was causing great emotional and financial pains and it was time to move past this.

 Now I have moved on to a really good space and am grateful to say that I now have 2 very successful companies, I regularly mix with and do business with  amazing multimillionaire entrepreneurs and do that from a space of knowing I am worthy and VERY capable!

Jolina has the unique ability to put a different spin on any situation and you go from feeling hopeless and lost to a feeling of being in control and empowered – very quickly.

You see a whole new perspective on life! Jolina opens your eyes to new ways and quickly shifts you to a place of seeing how you can use any situation to serve you and help make you grow as a person so you have a life you love!

Jolina is kind and patient with such an easy manner and at the same time knows when to help you get you to the ‘real issues’ and get out of your comfort zone. All designed to help you be the best you can be in life.

I am very, very grateful to have Jolina in my corner, she has changed my life  – THANK YOU!”

Kim P (Entrepreneur)


“Before I worked with Jolina I was a functional mess—my life was out of balance but to most people I looked fine. The disparency between who I had become and who I wanted to be was so out of alignment that I often ended up in deep depressions where more than once I considered suicide. Now my life is more in balance and have found the courage to privately and publicly acknowledge what I want to do with my life—become an artist. Jolina showed me how to shift my perspective, honor my non-dominate side, and ask probing questions to access the deeper workings of my emotions. To say that working with Jolina saved my life, my marriage and my relationships with my family is not an exaggeration. Thank you Jolina.”

Lucy F (Artist)


“This makes so much sense …I can’t believe I haven’t heard it before! Why isn’t this being taught in my psychology classes?”                                 John P, Psychology graduate student


“I got more out of this than from 6 years of therapy! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you!”                                                                 Tracy M, Entrepreneur


“I am amazed at how differently I see my family now”  Katie, 18 year old Senior in High School


“It really depersonalizes conflicts …so we can have a real conversation. With this information there’s so much freedom for my family members to be who they are!”

                 Mark S, Medical Doctor


“Imagine my surprise when, following the 2 day workshop, my grumpy, emotionally shut-off husband transformed into a reticent, sensitive and affectionate man, very like the man I fell in love with, over 20 years ago and he was not even at the workshop! This is a unique and challenging workshop. All I can say is: DO IT!!” –                              Susan F, Psychotherapist


“The workshop changed the whole way I look at myself and others—with greater understanding, acceptance, and therefore, love. It helped me to look back at the activities, careers chosen throughout my life and make sense of their purpose in my life. I’m also experiencing greater love and compassion for my loved ones when we have disagreements. They are simply seeking their values and I am seeking mine. I can love us both for our different pulls. The workshop has brought me unexpected peace.”

Nanci, Licensed Professional Counselor


“My Grand Organized Design: That was incredible. My heart was opened and I have never felt anything like it.  I feel educated, enlightened, informed, understood and loved.  Your presentation skills are excellent.  A perfect balance of teacher, mentor and friend.  Thank you for what you do.  Please do not stop building this. You can take this as far as you can imagine”.

– Deb, Business Owner/Entrepreneur


“Learning the science behind how I project and how I get sucked into duality makes it easier for me to own my emotions to not take events as personally and to be more responsible emotionally.”                                                                                                                  Jeremy, Contractor


“I feel free.”   –    Leslie M.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the information covered and it’s presentation. It was a very valuable reinforcement of concepts that I needed more clarity on.  Personally, I already see how it will facilitate my own growth with regards to relationships, including with myself!  Thanks.”

Jeri, Psychotherapist.


“The material was brilliantly assembled and presented.  The concepts are not new to me but the alchemy of them is powerful. I can feel my resistance rearing up then wisdom trickles in.  The value system information was really amazing information. I had never thought about this before.  I am really resistant to doing the work although I see how powerful it is. I am thrilled to be “forced” to work with it.  You are really getting me to think!!! I love it!”

– Maureen, Entrepreneur, Media Personality.


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