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Richard Branson’s #1 Tip for Success: Be great with people!

One of the most successful entrepreneurs and iconic philanthropists, Sir Richard Branson, attributes his personal and business success to 4 key things: Staying healthy; being good with people; being certain that his businesses and humanitarian efforts add real value to people’s lives; and having fun!

Of these 4 things he says his # 1 lesson regarding success is: “Be a great people person!” To him this means genuinely caring about people … having the ability to draw out the best in people ….. being good at inspiring people … being a great leader.

How does one do this? What if you’re not particularly interested in people? Are some people naturally gifted at this, while others just suck at relationships? Can being great with people be learned?

Yes! Yes! Yes! It can absolutely be learned! Indeed, I believe it must be learned! Your success, your happiness and even your health can depend on it! People are everywhere and relationships are unavoidable. Get good at them and you’ll change your life. And, not only that, you’ll change the world.

I dream of a world in which everyone knows what it is to be loved : Clearly seen and heard. Deeply understood. Genuinely appreciated. This is what I mean by loved.

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Here’s a fabulous interview with Sir Richard Branson and Marie Forleo, Joe Polish and Yanick Silver. Enjoy!

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