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Reflective anger?

In the end, all anger at others is anger at ourselves. The person we blame for our pain is never the cause of it. It’s our own unresolved anger at ourselves that makes us uncomfortable in the presence of the person we’re blaming. Anger is the indicator of our own deep, inner pain that arises from an unwillingness or inability to take responsibility for what we are creating, and an unwillingness or inability to mine the experience for its wisdom. It is connected to ignorance of our internal values and lack of appreciation of our-genius-selves. It’s the product of an over-arching paradigm that believes in good and bad, right and wrong, and an external world separate from the internal worlds of each of our minds. And, anger is our salvation. It shows us exactly what we haven’t gracefully integrated in ourselves. It opens the door and offers a way into deeper and deeper experiences of self-awareness and love. If that’s important to us, we must have the courage to look our ‘transgressor’ in the face, and find them in our hearts. I wonder what could be more important than this?

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