About Jolina

Jolina Karen is gifted at helping her clients uncover the hidden wisdom in their struggles, in order to facilitate personal growth, physical healing and relationship transformation.

Her clients say she helps them make sense of their experiences in ways they had never considered before, faster than any therapy they’ve tried before, and some attribute her with ‘giving them their lives back’.

Jolina holds degrees and certificates in Psychology, Sociology, Behavioral Kinesiology, The Demartini Method and various somatic therapies (including Cranio-Sacral and Neuromuscular Therapy). Over the past two decades she has conducted workshops in the US, England, South Africa and on-line to share her understanding of the dynamic interplay between health, relationships and self-perception. In her private practice she consults with an international clientele on personal and professional development, relationship management and health issues.

She is dedicated to teaching holistically-minded clients, who are willing to investigate their challenges (in either health or relationships) as opportunities for personal growth, how to uncover and heal the unconscious agendas and hidden dynamics that make them feel unwell in their bodies or unhappy in their relationships. Proper knowledge and deep appreciation for what is really going on sets you free from the drama and activates the powerful healing and creative energy within You.

The Red Shoes Project is an expression of her intensifying desire to empower more women with processes and perceptions that enhance their ability to lead others, love wholeheartedly and live delightedly!