The Foundations

The Foundations: 5 Principles and Practices for Living, Loving and Leading Well

The Dalai Lama said: “The world will be saved by the Western woman” 

To that I want to add: “…and the men who value them”.

In these chaotic times we are being called to pay attention to how we are doing relationships. Not just romantic ones – ALL relationships.

How we relate to one another is a direct reflection of how we relate to ourselves.

If we want to see changes in the way people treat each other we must change the way we see and treat ourselves.

Therein lies all the power!

How well are you doing at loving yourself?

In my 16 years of working with clients I’ve noticed that there are 5 core principles that inform how we show up for life.

  • victim or victor?
  • powerful or powerless?
  • enthusiastic or frustrated?
  • vital or drained?
  • connected or isolated?

Your worldview gives rise to these experiences.

If you want to change your experiences you MUST change your worldview.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” Einstein

For 15 years I’ve taught clients and workshop attendees a physics inspired, psycho-spiritual worldview that allows extraordinary transformation to happen fast and often.

The Foundations: 5 Principles for Living, Loving and Leading Well is coming up!

This is for you if you:

  • are concerned about the level of conflict and disrespect in your relationships and/or our society
  • want to make a difference but don’t know how to
  • want to feel valued by the people around you
  • want freedom to be and do what feels most meaningful to you
  • desire something more than just therapy – an understanding of human dynamics that combines science and spirituality
  • want to feel alignment between what you’re doing and who you’re being
  • AND you want to be in the company of other smart, creative, thoughtful women..and the men who value them

You’ll learn to resolve:

  • guilt, shame, blame or resentment – the energy-drainers!
  • being ‘not enough’ – not good-enough, worthy-enough, not smart-enough etc – the life limiters!
  • a mis-alignment between your desired way of being and current reality – the sign of not knowing, or being able to follow, your authentic Inner Drivers
  • being broken or in need of fixing or improvement – the sign you’ve bought into the lie that you are somehow defective or ‘less than’
  • uncertainty regarding your decisions, feeling stuck and unable to shift – the sign of an internal conflict that you have been unable to successfully strategize around
  • boredom – or questioning ‘is this all there is/is this what my life is always going to be/ how long will this go on? – a clear sign that an new value system is emerging in you that you do not know how to accommodate

Join us!

Here’s what a past participant sent out to her friends to invite them to participate:

“If you’re receiving this email it’s because at some point you’ve heard me rave about Jolina Karen and her Foundations program for women. I took it last fall and loved it. It was eye-opening and mind-opening, forever changing the way I look at relationships and life’s challenges. Needless to say, I highly recommend this course!”

The Foundations is a 12 week program, offered online. It consists of weekly live video conference calls (which will be recorded in case you miss any of the live sessions), small group interactions and self-study.

There will be a private FaceBook Group for the participants in which to share experiences and ask questions here. This is a space that can act as an accountability prompt, a journal and a repository of the group’s insights and wisdom.

The start date for the upcoming program is OCTOBER 24

More details will be posted soon!

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