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broken by men in power?

“Trying hard not to feel broken by men in power.” Words of a friend – a beautiful, powerful, accomplished friend. Words that cut close to home. Words that speak to a deep, shared human story: the struggle to feel valued. Trying hard not to feel broken by men in power….

But, where exactly are these ‘men in power’? Who are they to you? How do they come to wield such force?

The greatest myth in every relationship is that you’re having an experience with someone ‘out there’…. that the person out there is real, and capable of making you feel something …like broken. He (or she) is not. Not real, not out there, not capable of making you feel anything. You are doing that all by yourself. You are the cause and effect of your every experience.

The good questions are how and why? Therein lies the juice! Answer these and you’ll break the cycle! Set yourself free. Change your world.


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