Full Collision Healing

The book that is still in the works ……
Consciousness is fundamental. The mind is the matrix of all matter. If you want to make a radical difference in your health or your relationships you must alter your mind. This does not happen by passively watching the ebb and flow of your thoughts (as traditionally taught in meditation practices), or by super-imposing your fantasies about how your life should be onto it (the basis of most mental reframing therapies). This only happens through the head-on collision of ‘fundamental particles’ within the very fabric of the mind itself! Anything less than the full annihilation of your story and it’s anti-story will keep you their victim. And, given the woeful mass ignorance about how the mind works, you won’t even know it.

Fifteen years ago I watched helplessly as my mother battled cancer. If there was a therapy out there, she tried it. She lost. When I found a tumor in my breast I took a different approach. The tumor disappeared.

The memory of my mother, and the realization that every day people are being diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, struggling with relationships or experiencing traumatic events, prompted this book. I know many of those people will feel frightened and angry. I know most of them will be thrown into cycles of fear and hope. I know there will be scores of well-meaning friends and therapists who will counsel them to ‘be positive’. And, I know the effects of that counsel will be limited. I can no longer stay silent and let that keep happening.

Jolina Karen is a healer and a teacher. She shares her philosophy on healing and relationship management with audiences around the world through workshops, tele-seminars and private consultations.

About the Author
Do you know what it’s like to feel another person’s pain? Have you felt the helplessness of watching someone struggle with an illness or trauma, and there was nothing you could do? Perhaps you’ve searched for answers to your own health concerns or relationship issues in psychological or scientific theories, philosophical traditions or spiritual practices …only to feel frustrated by the inconsistent, unsubstantiated and often ineffective information that’s available?

I have. I’ve spent the past three decades researching the connection between our minds and bodies, the relationships we’re engaged in and the universal principles that underlie the process of dis-ease creation and healing. I have found that the most powerful place from which to initiate transformation is in the paradoxical place of ‘loving what is’. Learning to love a thing exactly as it is and releasing all desire to change it, is the most powerful healing or transforming practice there is. This is a challenging path to take. It demands humbling oneself, being willing to suspend one’s beliefs about what’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, turning one’s attention fully on the ‘offender’ and studying it in detail. Coming to know the thing, opening one’s mind to understanding its divine function, appreciating its every detail will open your heart in the most profound experience of extra-ordinary gratitude. In the moment of grace, or unconditional love, that this journey initiates – true transformation becomes possible.

Until then, as long as you see the ‘offender’ as something to fix, change, heal, or get rid of, you will find yourself in a revolving power-struggle. I encourage you to surrender. There is wisdom in what you’re experiencing. You have the power to uncover that wisdom.

The idea of surrendering can be a very scary one. In our society we’re so often encouraged to ‘fight for our rights’, ‘never give up’, ‘be positive’, ‘try harder’ and so on. I got all those messages when I found a tumor in my breast at age thirty-seven. I panicked and regressed to doing all the ‘positive thinking’ types of activities that I used to teach clients to do. They didn’t help. I finally surrendered and began a journey that started in the opposite direction. The long and the short of it is the tumor disappeared.

Today I assist people who are struggling with relationship challenges, health issues or personal dilemmas to navigate their way through what feels like chaos or dysfunction into the paradoxical state of grace in which true transformation can occur.

“Out beyond beliefs in ‘wrong-doing’ and ‘right-doing’ there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi

What role does consciousness play in healing? Can you think you way into a healthy body, or a loving relationship? There are many who believe you can. I’m one of them. But, not in the way that many of the popular, positive-thinking proponents would have you believe. No. If you’re suffering from a serious illness, in a challenging relationship, or you’ve experienced a real trauma, you do not need platitudes or happy thoughts. You need an integrated mind-body approach that includes a no-nonsense understanding of how the mind works, and a step-by-step process that will illuminate and explode its hidden forces that are influencing your experience.

Since the days of Descartes there has been a radical split in our view of the mind and body. In order to save himself from being burned at the stake, Descartes, the great philosopher and scientist, agreed to confine his inquiries about how things worked to the realm of the external world. The Church, he conceded, could retain dominion over the psyche and the soul. Thus began a philosophical paradigm that persists to this day: the body is separate from the mind; the external world is separate from the internal world.

Despite the apparent rationality of this belief, it is not the truth. All the great mystical and philosophical traditions have understood the interconnectedness of all things. Modern science is now providing evidence to support this. Quantum physics, the study of the smallest of elementary particles and forces, is uncovering startling indications of the non-separateness of matter and energy, mind and body.

One of the most potent ramifications of this understanding is that the mind does not inhabit the body, as is so often taught. The mind is the body, and the body is the mind. It is a subtle distinction, but one that is laden with possibility when you come to truly grasp its implications.

This book will layout a model of the mind that draws on the insights of great philosophers, and researchers at the leading edge of quantum physics. It will explore the connection between consciousness and light. And, it will offer directions on how to use these insights to bring about healing in your life.

In my own personal experiences and in my work with clients I have noticed that there are three phases that people typically go through as they journey towards wholeness, or healing. Each phase change is precipitated by a powerful release of energy that occurs as a result of a collision between a conscious belief and its less-conscious counter-belief. Identifying both and deliberately directing them into a crash course with each other is what makes the difference between just feeling better and real healing.

This is Full Collision Healing.