The people who get the most out of working with me are those who are willing to really look at themselves, take responsibility for what they are experiencing and embrace the hidden wisdom in their challenges.

Be it a relationship conflict or a health issue, my most successful clients recognize that there is something for them to learn about themselves in all their experiences, and they want to ‘get the message’.

What they need is an intelligent framework through which to make sense of their situations, and practical tools for applying that wisdom.

I offer programs and individual sessions to do just that.  This September I am presenting “The Red Shoes Experience” in my home state beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado.

The Red Shoes Experience was birthed to give smart, self-aware women the framework that will put their power firmly back into their hands and provide them with cutting edge tools to live the relationships, the adventures and life successes they most want to experience.

Join 100 + Women for a deep dive into feminine leadership, relationship mastery and self-love!

You cannot have all that you’d love if you are unwilling to love all that you are.

If you want something about your life to change, but you’re not sure how to make that happen, let’s chat.

There’s no fee and no obligation to say hello.

Email me jolina@jolinakaren.com to set up a short, complimentary phone call to connect.